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 Caltech Theater Auditions

Theater Arts at Caltech is looking for directors, actors, writers and techs to participate in our program

Storytelling for Scientists/Theater Production PA040

First Class Meeting:  Wednesday, September 27

(Choose one or both)

Storytelling for Scientists - 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm - Ramo Auditorium

Improvisation for Scientists - 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm - Ramo Auditorium

The final public presentation of Storytelling/Improvisation for Scientists will take place on Friday, December 1st, 7:00 - 10:00 pm in Ramo Auditorium.



Psalms 3M/2W (October 2017-Mid-January 2018)

5 Athletic, fearless actors and 5 jazz musicians


She Kills Monsters —6W/4M (October 2017-March 4 2018)

Agnes—Tilly’s older average height/weight/build sister


Tilly—Teenage girl decked out in full leathery D&D fantasy armor


Chuck-Nerdy teen dressed like a Grunge Rocker roadie/Adventurer


Miles/Gelatinous Cube-Agnes’s boyfriend


Kaliope/Kelly Dark elf, master tracker, lock picker with ass-kicking abilities


Lilith/Lilly-Red eyes, fanged leather clad warrior demon queen with beauty and brawn


Vera/Evil Gabbi demon cheerleader w/bat wings&fangs/The Beholder


Narrator/Evil Tina-demon cheerleader w/bat wings&fangs/Farrah Total badass faerie


Steve Adventurer/Student


Orcus/Ronnie A very large big horned completely red demon/Adventurer


The Theory of Nothing 4m/5w March 2018-Mid May 2018

Brit: Theoretical physicist at a top university, 50s

Chuck: Well-known local sculptor, 50s

Sugar: Brit and Chuck's daughter a jewelry designer who lives in another state. 30s

Max: Brit and Chuck's son. Condensed matter physicist, anti- string theory. 30s

Camille: Chuck’s assistant. Spent more time with him and the kids than Brit did. 40s

Jonathan: Sugar’s husband, a lawyer. (Played by actor playing Pierre.)

The Dimensions: Past, present, and future. They are the Theory of Everything:

Marie Curie: Two-time Nobel Prize winner in physics/chemistry for her work on radioactivity

Pierre Curie: Marie’s husband, Irene’s father, shared Nobel Prize in physics with his wife

Irene Curie: Marie and Pierre’s daughter, Nobel Prize in chemistry