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Caltech Theater announces Auditions for our original musical based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass—Alice Through the Wormhole, a satirical and moving journey through the underground of a fictional science research institution written by Caltech grads/undergrads/JPLers/alums with playwright Brenda Varda and directed by Caltech’s Brian Brophy.


We are looking to cast the following roles (cross gender and color blind casting) for the world premiere February 20 to March 1, 2015 in Ramo Auditorium. Rehearsals start January 5, 2015. Most people cast will play two roles and at auditions might read two very different characters! Sides and signups available NOW!

If you are interested in dancing/fighting/larping, designing the play/building sets/costumes, singing in the ensemble/playing in the band (pit) or
stage managing, simply drop by the Theater Lab during auditions and chat with Brian Brophy or contact him directly at brophy@caltech.edu.

Alice: a grad student about to enter TellKech, nanophysics and spintronics are her thing. And Marionettes.
The Mock Turtleneck: an extremely lost, yet brilliant, chem student
The Red Queen of Funding: the imperious granting Queen, concerned with excellence an absolute control and compliance
The White Knight: the gentle and hopeful, overly creative, problem solver that imagines himself a hero!
Dr. Duchess: A prof that maybe have spent too many years trying to negotiate biological experiments with sad cows
DJ Hump-Dump: the King of Dissertations with the attitude of Jabba the Hut mixed with intolerance. Oh, the same thing
Mad Grad: locked the basement forever working on his time travel experiment
Quarks: think of them as the chorus.
White Rabbit: anxious, rule following, excitable and crazy aware and bright
Malware Hair: odd, weird, a little creepy, another time travel experimenter
Dopey: Yeah, that's it.
Cheshire Chimp: a lab assistant, used to be an experiment - no one knows he's a chimp, or at least even recognizes it, except Alice
MatterFiller: A Rastafarian Zen God of Chill, tries to get Alice to yeah, 'chill'
Tweedle X & Tweedle Z: Alice's marionettes come to life down the Wormhole - think undergrads, but the out-of-control types. New to 'college' life - or freedom in general.
Dark Prince of Future Science: Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror mixed with genius - think the head of any extremely large innovative tech corporation with really high shoes.
Dead scientists: old, dead scientists in the 'restaurant' that know everything, but that know that everyone has their own path (Lead - the most imperious, Ideas - the snappy one, Old Guy - always has a story that no one wants to hear!)

Many characters double - and there are other minor, fun characters that appear for short scenes!




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